Published On: Wed, Sep 2nd, 2020

Boris urged to IGNORE Sturgeon’s Scottish independence threats ‘NOT going to happen!’ | UK | News

Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly warned anti-Union sentiment is on the rise in Scotland and she claims support has accelerated for independence during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result the First Minister is demanding a second referendum on the matter, but readers have urged Boris Johnson not to head to her demands.

An exclusive survey on, carried out from 11am-9.30pm on September 2, asked 7,103 readers: “How should Boris Johnson react to Nicola Sturgeon’s independence threat?”

Voters were given three options: ‘give Scotland more powers’, ‘give her a referendum’, or ‘ignore her’.

The overwhelming majority, 75 percent (5,336), voted for the last option.

Just over one fifth of readers, 22 percent (1,520) thought the Prime Minister should grant a second independence referendum, while just three percent of voters (247 people) thought Scotland should be granted more powers.

Readers took to the comments section of the poll to explain why they thought the Government should ignore Ms Sturgeon’s demands for a second referendum.

One person wrote: “Ignore her. She does not have the legal right to either hold a referendum, or implement the result of that referendum.

“Ignore her, just as she chose to ignore the result of the last Indy referendum when the vote was to remain as part of the UK.”

Another user said: “Children who scream and shout should be ignored not rewarded for their disruptive behaviour.

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Another reader said: “Sturgeon and co have made it very easy for Boris to reply to the Sturgeon/SNP request for another vote.

“Boris should simply ask Sturgeon how she expects Scottish people to trust a word which comes out of her or the SNP mouths when in 2014 they touted, publicly that the vote was a “once in a lifetime vote”.

“Is 6 years a lifetime in Scotland? NO.”

One person suggested Mr Johnson should offer to hold a referendum in 2030.

They wrote: “Tell her she can have her referendum in 2030, take it or leave it.”

Another user agreed, and said: “Tell Surgeon and her nationalist party to request a referendum in a generations time, around 2035.”

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