Published On: Tue, Aug 4th, 2020

Beirut explosion: Huge blast in Lebanon leaves people ‘covered in blood and glass’ – video | World | News

Two huge explosions have been recorded in Beirut, Lebanon. Terrifiying footage shows entire building blocks being turned into rubble as the explosion rips through the city.

Horrific video footage has emerged of a massive explosion in Beirut.

One resident said they had been left “covered in blood and glass” following the blast.

Some video footage on social media showed residents in tears with homes destroyed.

Although the cause of the explosion has not yet been identified, footage shows entire building blocks being destroyed

Footage shows a white cloud rise into the sky but black smoke with red flames is seen.

It is believed to be the second explosion in the city.

Joyce Cameron, from the National, tweeted: “Moment that the second explosion hit #Beirut Lebanon.

“Many houses damaged, injuries reported. First was at Port. This is closer to downtown

“Two explosions near port in Beirut #Lebanon , second one left lot of damages in houses and cars. Ambulances called to area.”

He tweeted: “Here’s a video of the Beirut explosion from a long distance away.

“It shifted the clouds.

“Turn your sound on and wait for the shockwave to hit.”

This comes ahead of verdict in trial over killing of ex-PM Rafik Hariri in 2005.

This is a breaking story…more to follow

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