Published On: Sun, Apr 19th, 2020

Amazon will keep fulfillment centers in France closed through April 22nd

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Amazon will extend the closures of its fulfillment centers in France until at least April 22nd, Reuters reports. The e-commerce company closed six of the centers in France April 15th, after a French court ruled Amazon could be fined €1 million per item if it ships anything not directly related to medical supplies, hygiene products, and food items.

Amazon said the definition of what goods it could ship was not clear and rather than risk being fined, opted to temporarily close the fulfillment centers.

Workers’ representatives in France took Amazon to court for what they viewed as insufficient protections from the coronavirus. As of April 19th, France has more than 19,000 deaths from COVID-19.

Amazon is now waiting for its appeal to be heard, Reuters reported. The court appeal is due April 21st.

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