The outlook countrywide shows mainly dry conditions on Thursday with the beginning of the weekend bringing the unsettled weather back. NetWeather.TV forecaster Nick Finnis said: “Thursday will bring a window of mostly dry and bright conditions, before rain and stronger winds returns Friday morning.

“The weekend continuing the unsettled theme, with low pressure in charge, bringing windy conditions, spells of rain or showers.

“But, with winds from the southwest for the most part, it will be mild for all.”

From Thursday to Saturday, the Met Office forecasts a “dry, bright start”, followed by a “generally unsettled” and windy period of weather.

The Met Office said “bands of rain” will cross the UK, and there will be some brighter, showery intervals.

The end of the week will bring more mild conditions overall.

Alex Burkill, Met Office meteorologist warned of “further changeable weather” throughout this week.

He said: “It will be wet and windy at times, but it is also likely to stay largely mild.

Mr Burkill added that an area of low pressure will come through over the next couple of days with a second area of low pressure incoming this weekend.

“There is a chance that drier brighter conditions may extend UK-wide for a time, where fog patches could prove persistent in places.

“Although uncertain, later during this period temperatures look to turn cooler, closer to the seasonal average with an increased risk of overnight frosts especially in central and south-eastern areas.”

The rest of November and into the first week of December, the UK will see overall settled conditions with central and south-eastern regions experiencing them for longer.

But the national weather service warned some unsettled periods are still likely.

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