Supermarkets including Aldi and Lidl have become extremely popular in recent years due to the huge savings customers can make due to their low prices. This means other supermarket giants have to compete with these discount supermarkets by offering customers further savings on grocery and household products. However according to recent research by Which? one discount supermarket managed to come out as the cheapest for a grocery shop.

Retail giant Asda was the cheapest ‘big four’ supermarket with a trolley full of groceries coming to £74.12, compared to £82.11 at Tesco.

Asda was also the cheapest major online supermarket in July according to Which? research.

Morrisons was next with a trolley costing £84.73 followed by Sainsbury’s where it would have cost customers £87.45.

The most expensive two shops were at Ocado and Waitrose where customers would have paid more than £38 more compared to the cheapest supermarket Aldi.

Asda was by far the cheapest supermarket costing £256.31, costing £15.41 less than its nearest rival Tesco.

Compared to its priciest shop at Waitrose where customers would have paid £322.87, shoppers at Asda could have saved a staggering £66.55 on their big grocery shop.

Last week, Ocado ended its 20-year partnership with Waitrose, replacing it with fellow upmarket retailer Marks & Spencer.

Before Waitrose disappeared from the Ocado website, Which? checked the prices of 30 grocery items to see whether M&S or Waitrose was cheaper.

With just £2.74 difference, an M&S basket came in cheaper at £43.84 while the more expensive Waitrose shop would have cost customers £46.58.

Which? compared prices on grocery items including penne pasta, chopped tomatoes, bananas and kitchen roll between the two upmarket supermarkets.

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