Martin Lewis will often find the best deals and pass them on to Britons. Tonight, he revealed the best broadband deals available right now.

Looking for deals with Vodafone and BT could give the best value for money, he explained.

“Ending midnight tonight there are two super fast and super cheap broadband deals,” Martin said.

“The first is from Vodafone, it’s for 63mb fibre broadband and a phone line.

“Here you pay £23.50 a month over a two year contract but you can claim a £75 Amazon voucher.

“Factor that in and its equivalent to £20 a month.”


New customers can also switch to BT for more savings on their bills.

The expert added: “Alternatively, BT is slightly faster. With this, you pay it a tenner, you then pay it £30 a month over two years.

“You claim a £120 prepaid Mastercard, make sure you do claim it and that’s like cash.

“Factor that in and it’s equivalent to £25.40 a month and these are all for new customers.

“Ninety-five percent of the UK can get these but it does depend on where you live.”

While there are lots of great broadband deals available, Martin said many people do not take advantage of them.

He said: “Nine million of you are out of contract on your broadband, paying nearly double [the cost of the deals] often for a fraction of the speed. So check it out and go and do a switch.”

To grab one of the cheap deals, those looking to switch cannot go directly to the provider.

Martin told viewers they must go through comparison sites to get the bargains.

He also gave an urgent warning as the deals will not be around for long.

“These are only available via a range of different comparison sites,” he continued.

“You have to go to the comparison sites to get these deals and they end at midnight.

“So if you are looking to switch and you’re out of contract, get your skates on.”

By signing up for the deals, some homeowners could save hundreds of pounds. 

Comparison sites can be a great place to find the best offers available. 

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