Footage has emerged showing an improvised street party with large numbers of people dancing and not observing social distancing. The clips, uploaded to Twitter, have sparked outrage among social media users who questioned whether the new measures introduced by the Government were having a negative impact.

In the tweet accompanying the footage, a Twitter user wrote: “Day two of a 10pm curfew: Oxford Circus has turned into an impromptu party.”

Furious Twitter users expressed their disapproval of people partying on the streets.

One user wrote: “That’s exactly why we (London) will be in full lockdown by next Friday with bars completely shut.

“All because people can’t take some personal responsibility!”

Another person added: “I think natural selection is at work here, and I’m fine with that. Rules are in place.

“It’s their personal responsibility to use their ‘common sense’.

“It’s people like this that my sisters (who are nurses) have to care for.

“They risk my sisters lives.”

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Deputy assistant commissioner Matt Twist, who is at the forefront of the Met’s response to the health crisis, said the “vast majority of Londoners” have abided by the rules and “responded positively to the unprecedented situation we are in”.

He added: “We urge the public to continue to report serious breaches to us via the 101 telephone system or using our online reporting system.

“However, we should all bear in mind that there are a number of exemptions to the rules which may apply to any situation so an apparent breach may not be what it appears and not every call may generate an immediate police response.

“Additionally, demands on the Met from crime, non-Covid related anti-social behaviour and protests are returning to pre-Covid levels so we will continue to respond to these alongside the pandemic in order to keep Londoners safe.”

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