Boris Johnson took aim at London Mayor Sadiq Khan in the House of Commons following an end to a potential new congestion charge. Mr Johnson defended this new plan and insisted the financial state of the transport network in London was the responsibility of Sadiq Khan. He insisted the mayor had bankrupted the service long before the coronavirus crisis had struck. 

He said: “I must inform the honourable lady that the current mayor of London has effectively bankrupted TfL before coronavirus even hit.

“He left a massive black hole in its finances and any need to make up that deficit is entirely down to him.

“It is entirely his responsibility and any expansion of the congestion charge or any other measure taken to improve the finances of TfL are entirely the responsibility of the bankrupt current Labour mayor of London.”

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But the Labour mayor swiftly hit back, accusing the Prime Minister of lying to MPs. 

He wrote in a furious Twitter rebuttal: “The PM has lied to the House of Commons.

“Before Covid I was fixing his mess at TfL- reducing the deficit by 71 percent since 2016.

“Covid-19 is the sole cause of TfL’s challenges.

“The PM wants to increase fares, the C-Charge & taxes – & end free travel for children and older Londoners.”

More to follow…

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