The Tories’ London Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey told the Blue Collar Conservatism Conference 2020 that the Labour Party‘s red wall is a “state of mind”. He added that his party must tackle the idea that Conservatism is just about rich people and demonstrate it is about providing opportunities. 

Mr Bailey said: “We must make sure we break the idea that Conservatism is about rich people, it is actually about what it is to be British and providing opportunities for everyone.

“If we can do that, we will be able to break the red wall.

“The red wall is not a place, it is a state of mind.

“We can break the red wall here down in the south just the way we did in the north.

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“That is by, as Conservatives, letting people know we care for them, their children and their futures.

“We must lose the association that it is just us and we are just interested in money.

“It is all of us and we are interested in the outcomes for them and their children.”

During the first day of the Blue Collar Conservatism conference, Gavin Williamson ridiculed Labour’s education policy, stating that Sir Keir Starmer’s party want to “dumb it down”.


“What we want to do is drive standards up in education.

“That is how you give the best service in terms of young people from whatever background.

“Whether they are white working class, whether they are from an ethnic minority community, driving up standards in education, making sure that there is real rigor there, that is what will open up opportunities for young people.

“That is what our focus has got to be.”

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