Kate Middleton, 38, married Prince William in 2011 after meeting at university. Raising children in the Royal Family comes with many different rules and protocols, some of which Kate has implemented in her parenting and some of which she hasn’t. One parenting expert has shared an insight into how Kate and William may parent their royal children. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Parenting Expert, Mariyah Hafesji, explained how Kate’s parenting sets her aside from royal mothers. 

She said: “This is clear through her affectionate and hands on approach when at royal engagements or events.

“She is not shy of laughing, grinning, and dancing with her family at royal appearances, something that is rather unusual for someone in the public eye, let alone a royal.”

While Kate is in the Royal Family, modern day norms allow her to act more naturally around her children than other royal mothers were allowed.

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The expert said: “Educating children on what they have done wrong as opposed to punishing them is a technique that is proven to be successful over time as children have a better understanding of what is expected of them.

“For example, she uses a ‘chat sofa’ instead of a ‘naughty step’ to outline the consequences of their actions as opposed to shouting at them.”

Research shows that approaching misbehaviour with a calm and collected approach allows children to fully understand what they have done wrong.

Putting boundaries in place when children are young, puts them in a good position for their future independence and roles within the Royal Family. 

This is especially important in their younger years, where learning is crucial to children. 

Mariyah added: “In addition, having warm contact with children, like Kate does, is a parenting technique that is hugely beneficial for a child’s development as it is proven to encourage them to use the ‘social’ part of their own brain.”

Kate and William will always be close to their children, whether that be holding their hands or picking them up in their arms.

The expert went on: “When out in public together, she is always close by to George, Charlotte and Louis, making sure to give them space whilst also reassuring them that she is on hand. 

“Despite being surrounded by cameras and press, she is always watching her children and if they become distressed or in-need, she often kneels by their side to reassure them.”

When the royal couple speak to George, Charlotte and Louis, they are always seen kneeling down to be the same height as the children.

Research shows that this allows the children to know that they are equal and their parents are not more important than them.

Mariyah added: “She comes to her children’s level so to not tower over them, proving she is an equal and not to be feared. 

“This is a trait that has been unheard of with previous royal parents, which shows she is parenting by her own style and is moving away from royal traditions.

“Similarly, she rarely parts from her children in public. She doesn’t walk ahead of them or stand separately to them, again displaying that they are a priority in her life. This type of parenting fosters self-esteem while encouraging them to communicate clearly.”

The couple have implemented a lot of their own techniques into their parenting including only hiring one nanny to help out with the children instead of a whole team, hugging the children in public and letting them speak on their own. 

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