Kate Middleton, 38, and Prince William, also 38, have been married since 2011. As working Royal Family members, they attend a lot of events and engagements together. One expert has explained how their body language gives an insight into what they may be like when Prince William is King.

Queen Elizabeth II is the current sovereign of the United Kingdom, and her heir apparent is her eldest son, Prince of Wales.

Charles, who is patron of more than 400 organisations, is the oldest heir to the throne for more than 300 years. 

Next in line to the throne after Charles, is Prince William.

Looking at photos of the royal couple throughout their relationship, body language expert Judi James explains what their approach to the throne may look like.

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She told the Express.co.uk: “Kate and William’s loving relationship tends to be defined by their intense and often subliminal mirroring signals. Postural and gestural echoing behaviour like theirs is usually a sign of like-minded thinking. 

“Camilla will often be seen mimicking Charles’s actions, but by copying them after he has performed them she shows respect and a constant bowing to his higher status. 

“William and Kate tend to mirror one at the same time without conscious copying, suggesting similar personalities and a strong ‘team of two’ vibe.

“Their strong choreography looks natural, suggesting their approach to the throne will be equally like-minded in terms of their understanding of the job and how it needs to be done.”

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The couple will often sit in the same position, stand in the same pose or both smile at the same time.

Judi explained the Cambridges’ relationship is “evenly-balanced,” meaning they do not need these small glances or touches.

She said: “Couples will often have to use tie-signs to communicate in public, using small glances or touches to announce their intention to take over a conversation or to keep track of the other partner’s thoughts and feelings, but the Cambridges seem to be in tune enough to not need this kind of silent shorthand.

“This kind of evenly-balanced, peas-in-a-pod team-ship/sharing relationship will be a first for the crown, suggesting high levels of focus and joint understanding of how the job should be filled.”

The expert added: “Kate and William use rituals of compatible smiling when their smiles are aimed at one another rather than the public. 

“While their public smiles are pitch-perfect they lack the kind of muscle tension or muscle pulling that will often betray an inauthentic, performed smile. 

“No smile that has been held for the length of time the Cambridges hold them can be totally genuine but, like The Queen Mother, they have both acquired the knack of the held smile that lacks the kind of rigidity that gives it away as fake.”

The body language expert reveals that the couple have been seen to relax more recently and have displayed their more playful side.

Judi also said: “Their smiles tend to be mutually flattering and encouraging.”

Looking at photos of the pair recently out and about, Judi analysed their body language to determine what their relationship could be like.

She said: “Their twinned ‘bookends’ body language shows an ease in terms of their performances as a strong royal team and although their smiles here are matching, Kate’s wrinkled eye expression shows she finds her husband genuinely funny and entertaining.”

Although public displays of affection are generally frowned upon in the Royal Family, William will often put his arm around Kate in public. 

Judi explained this suggests a sharing of the action and responses rather than a desire to be romantic.

She said: “It’s the kind of gesture that makes them look like best friends as well as loving marrieds and parents.”

Kate and William will also take it in turns to speak and will not interrupt one another.

Judi said this shows there is no competitiveness between then when it comes to status and spotlight.

She added: “Their choreography as a public double-act is seamless in a way that could make some TV presenting couples jealous.

“When one speaks, the other will signal silent support and admiration as William is doing with Kate here. 

“They take it in turns naturally and with respect, with no incongruent body language ‘leakage’ signals to suggest any impatience or desire to butt in or take over.”

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