Sunday’s sees the Moon remaining in sociable star sign Gemini. And astrologers around the world agree there is consequently a positive energy in the atmosphere.

You may feel a tangible excitement when the Moon Squares Venus at the start of the day.

Squares are considered to be aspect able to reveal life’s obstacles and issues.

Tuesday’s Square may mean relationships will go through a rocky patch.

However, you can avoid any major drama if a serious effort is made.

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The Moon later in the day travels to make a Trine with the Libra Sun.

Trines are recognised as a positive aspect, where two celestial bodies are 120 degrees apart.

Today’s Trine is one allowing you to start making sense of your world.

Astrology experts think Tuesday to be an ideal opportunity to link-up and get connected.

So why not make time to talk about it, whether remotely online or in real life?

Some suspect today’s Gemini Moon is onto something, but it may be hard to know exactly what it is up to.

You might unearth anything as you converse with friends and family today.

This is to messenger planet Mercury in the star sign Scorpio.

The Moon also Sextile rogue asteroid Chiron as the day draws to a close.

The Sextile is an aspect formed when objects are as much as two signs or 60 degrees apart.

Today’s final aspect is thought to ensure what you are sharing in conversation is real.

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