The Internal Market Bill has cleared its first Commons hurdle after MPs approved giving it a second reading by 340 votes to 263, resulting in a majority of 77. Just minutes before, Labour’s amendment to block the United Kingdom Internal Market Bill from receiving a second reading was defeated by 349 votes to 213, with a majority of 136.

The bill will go into “committee stage” on Tuesday.

During this stage, it will be gone through line by line before a final “third reading” in the Commons .

After this, it will head to the House of Lords.

If it goes through the same stages by peers, the bill will get “royal assent” and be signed into law by the Queen.

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Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove closed the debate on the bill shortly before the results were announced. 

He said it’s “crucial” MPs pass it, as all four parts of the UK are strongest when working together. 

He said: “What this bill is not doing is not walking away from negotiations with the EU – those negotiations go on.”

Mr Gove added powers going to Scotland are increasing through the bill despite concerns being raised from the SNP. 

He added former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, who spoke earlier in place of Keir Starmer, now appeared to be a “born again Brexiteer” after pushing to “get Brexit done” in his speech.

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But Mr Johnson said in Parliament this evening that the EU was going to “extreme and unreasonable lengths” over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

He said this could lead to “blockading food and agriculture transports within our own country”.


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